Anhydrous Ammonia (NH₃)

The Versatile Powerhouse for Diverse Industries

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH₃)

CAS No. 7664-41-7

Anhydrous ammonia, often recognized as a colorless gas bearing a distinct, pungent odour, is a versatile substance that warrants a closer look. Although it assumes a liquid state under specific temperature and pressure conditions, it transforms swiftly into a gaseous form upon exposure to ambient temperatures or a reduction in pressure.

NH₃, known as ammonia, falls under the category of hazardous materials and is assigned UN No.1005. With a remarkable 99.5% concentration, ammonia finds extensive applications across various industries, notably in fertilizers, rubber, steel, pharmaceuticals, textiles, dyes and refrigeration.


Chemical FormulaNH₃
CAS Number7664-41-7
AppearanceColorless gas
Purity (Min.)99.5%
Hazard Classification:UN No. 1005 (Hazardous Material)
Oil (Max.)20 ppm
Moisture (Max.)1%
Anhydrous Ammonia conforms toIS9747-1981