Industrial Applications

Discover the myriad ways ASCO’s ammonia solutions fuel industrial innovation and efficiency.

Industrial Ammonia Applications: Transforming Industries


As a key source of nitrogen, ammonia is used to manufacture various types of nitrogen-based fertilizers such as urea, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium phosphate. These fertilizers provide essential nutrients to crops, promoting healthy growth and increasing yields. Ammonia's versatility and effectiveness make it a cornerstone of modern agricultural practices, contributing significantly to food production worldwide.

Steel Industry

Ammonia, vital for heat treatment, strengthens steel, ensuring durability and quality in industrial applications, particularly in the steel industry.

Neutralizing Agent

Ammonia neutralizes acids, regulates pH, and mitigates corrosion, serving as a potent neutralizing agent across various applications.

Refrigeration Industry

Ammonia, prized for refrigeration, offers stability, low density, and corrosion resistance, ideal for various industrial applications like ice factories and air-conditioning units.

Rubber Industry

It acts as a crucial component in the production of synthetic rubber, aiding in the vulcanization process. This ensures rubber products attain their desired strength, elasticity, and durability.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Liquid blends of pharmaceuticals are crystallised by spraying liquor ammonia. Tablet or powder conversion is then made as per industry requirement.

Corrosion Preventive

Acidic constituents of oil are neutralized with ammonia, thereby assisting petroleum and gas industries in conservation of refinery equipment from corrosion.

Food Industry

Ammonia plays a multifaceted role in the food industry. It is widely used for PH control in various food processing applications, such as baking, cheese production, and the manufacture of chocolates and caramel.

Textile Industry

In the textile industry, ammonia is used in the manufacture of synthetic fibres, such as nylon and rayon. Additionally, it is employed in the dyeing and scouring of cotton, wool, and silk. Ammonia serves as a catalyst in the production of some synthetic resins.

Plywood Industry

Ammonia is essential in plywood manufacturing, primarily used in adhesive formulations for veneer bonding, ensuring sturdy and durable plywood sheets. It also aids in wood preservation treatments, extending the life of plywood products.

Cleaning Agents

Ammonia-based cleaning agents are popularly utilized in both household and industrial environments for tasks such as degreasing surfaces, cleaning glass, and effectively eliminating stains, owing to their potent alkaline characteristics.


Ammonia is essential in metallurgy, aiding in heat treatment for improved metal properties, acting as a reducing agent in metal powder production, and facilitating metal extraction from ores. It also contributes to the production of metal salts used in electroplating and chemical synthesis, showcasing its diverse applications in metallurgical processes.